Pensions, Caregiving, and Other Benefits for Wartime Veterans

November 2021 — Errol Sayin

Veterans aged 65 or older, with wartime service, may be eligible for tax-free assistance from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Many families needlessly struggle, emotionally and financially, to afford ever-increasing healthcare costs for their loved ones. Often times they don't have the time or experience needed to navigate the bureaucratic maze of the VA Healthcare System.

Records from the Department of Veterans Affairs show that only about 5% of Veterans eligible for benefits are actually receiving the benefits they've earned. Additionally, as the Veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam age, they become eligible for additional help through programs like the Aid and Attendance benefits program, pension benefits program, and homecare reimbursement entitlements.

Acclaim for Veterans is a Veteran Owned and Operated business focused on outreach, education, and service, with a mission of getting Veterans the benefits they've earned. We work directly with the VA to identify eligibility for these benefits and complete all required documentation and paperwork on behalf of our clients.

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Qualifying Veterans may be eligible to receive over $2,000 per month in tax-free assistance from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

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Widows of wartime Veterans may be eligible for financial assistance through the Department of Veteran Affairs.

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Caregivers of Qualifying Veterans or their Spouses may be eligible for compensation and reimbursement of costs associated with care.

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We work to educate and inform Veterans on the benefits they've earned through their service.

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